Defining Beauty

Let’s skip past our deeply conditioned beliefs of what physical beauty is and isn’t right now


Let’s dive into what it is to BE beautiful

And to FEEL beautiful


To BE beautiful is to bravely shine the energy of your heart

To be beautiful is to choose Love

In your thoughts

Your beliefs

Your choices

Your actions

How you treat others

How conscious you are of the effect you have on the world with all you think, say, and do

To BE beautiful is to be compassionate

To BE beautiful is to allow the True You to come out, shine, and play

It is to celebrate in the moment unfolding,

Your life and your existence, and the life and existence of everything around you

To BE beautiful is to soften

Soften Soften Soften

All your hard, sharp edges

It is to forgive

It is to choose to BE Love

And respond to the painful and challenging

With mercy, grace, and understanding

To BE beautiful is to be Present with yourself and Life

It is to deeply see, feel, and listen

To your being, to Life, and to others

To BE beautiful is to nurture your Innocence

And honor and water the Innocence in others

To BE beautiful is to be Empowered within who you are


Now let’s talk what it is to FEEL beautiful


To FEEL beautiful is to love yourself

It is to recognize and appreciate

The Beauty that you already are

To FEEL beautiful is to feel empowered

Within who you are

And within your sexuality

It is to feel confident in your being and body

To FEEL beautiful to is know and experience

Your own Beauty

And to know and see

The Beauty of others

It is to know and see

The Beauty in all aspects of Life

In all Life’s Light and Shadows, joys and sorrows

To FEEL beautiful is to embrace who and how you are

And how and what the world is

To FEEL beautiful is to live in a state of

Appreciation, Tenderness, Loving Empowerment, and Acceptance

It is to live in and radiate

The Purity and Innocence of your Heart


Azura and the Christ Path

I felt inspired to paint this after receiving the name “Azura” in a dream then having a magical synchronicity with that name and learning its meaning. Azu is the waters, and Ra is the Great Central Sun, the heart of the Universe, the physical embodiment of the Heart of God in our Universe.

To me, receiving “Azura” feels like a new initiation code of Christ awakening I have been given, and the code really came out in this painting. This year of 2020 is such a big one for so many of us collectively. For me personally, I feel it already as a highly spiritually activating year and beyond for me. I’m deeply embodying my Power and Magic as a child of the Divine, and stepping into and embracing my higher purpose and destiny. I’m no longer running away, hiding, fighting, or trying to escape life. Harmony and Peace are weaving themselves deep within my being and my life. I’m softening and surrendering to the Universe, to Life, to myself, to Love. And when I say to Life, I mean all that comes with Life, the pleasure and the pain, the comfortable and the uncomfortable. Life can be uncomfortable, painful, and challenging at times. And it is when we are in those experiences that its so important to embrace them, flow with them, and breath with them. To not resist, but soften and surrender.

I am here to be the full embodiment of my Higher Self. Quite frankly, I am here becoming a Christed Illumined being just as so many other awakening humans are at this time. I’m surrendering into and embracing this as the path my soul has chosen. I identify more and more as the Light of Angelic Perfection, and more and more clarity and Higher Self integration comes with this.

I trust the Universe. I love the Universe. I feel the purity of God/Goddess within my heart and being. This is my devotion, walking the path of an ascended Master. I will no longer shy from this, or try to hide this or keep this behind closed curtains. I’m boldly stepping out of the “spiritual closet” and speaking my truth and walking my path in transparency. To inspire, uplift, guide, activate, and help awaken others. My whole heart and being is devoted singularly to this, and it feels so right. It feels to liberating, it feels so good.

“In that, Yeshua became a Christ: man expressing wholly as God; God expressing completely in man. That is what the term Christ means: God/ man, man/God. A Christ is anyone who realizes that he is God and then lives that truth. The only difference between Yeshua and you, is that Yeshua understood the principle of God within man and then he lived that principle completely.” -Ramtha, from the White Book

Dearly Beloved

Dearly Beloved

You have always been


You are pure


Oh what a gift

To Lift

The veils of conditioning

To see

The Purity

Of your innate Essence

Slowly dissolving

The muck

With your Presence

Dearly Beloved

Cleanse me

Let me feel thee

To realize

My wholeness

Return me


Let me


In thy Truth of




Fire of

Divine Love


Return to God

Who am I becoming?

More of myself

Returning to who I truly am

It feels Good

It feels Gold


It feels Godly

Good is God


Get it

Feel good

That opens the doors to God

And that’s what we’re all searching and longing for

The Presence of our Divine Essence

Don’t put God in a box

Don’t put yourself in a box

Melt those boxes

In beholding the loving magic and wonder of Divine Mystery




To shine itself through you

As you

You are Godly

You are God

Invoke your Original Self

You are Godly

You are God

How I receive & follow my Guidance; Living the path of Highest Destiny

I’ve always been intuitive. Very intuitive. I’ve always had a strong inner knowing. After choosing to follow the call of my soul, the call of my heart, I experienced a series of beautiful and powerful spiritual awakenings that changed me to my very core. After that, my heart was very open to God, to Love, to Spirit, to the Universe. I wanted to communicate to the Universe, to the Divine, to my Soul. It turned out, God, the Loving Divine Intelligence of Life, wanted to speak to me as well. And this channel of communication and guidance opened up. I saw the signs the Universe was giving me frequently throughout the day every day. The signs created patterns, and they told stories. I knew what the Universe was saying through these patterns that created stories from a deep place within my being.

My intuitive inner knowing speaks to me as the voice of deep, loving wisdom. My soul speaks to me through the external through these signs and patterns, and through the internal, with my mind deciphering the patterns and my inner knowing deeply understanding. My soul speaks to me through visions, and I receive inner visions of wonder, light, and beauty every day. Some would call these visions the imagination; I recognize it as one of the ways my Soul, or Higher Self, speaks to me and guides me onward. My soul speaks to me through feeling as well. I recognize my soul through feelings of clarity, feelings of joy, innocence, empowerment, openness, warmth, softness, magic, and what I like to call the feeling or experience of Divine Resonance. These feelings and visions point to the Truth that lies within me as a child of the Most High. Through this guidance, my soul reminds me and helps me integrate into my being that which is most important; remembering who I truly am as a child of the Divine.

Some people have a distinction of receiving guidance from their spirit guides and their Higher Self as different things. To me it all feels like Spirit, or it all feels like my Higher Self. The inner dialogue I’ve developed, the visions, the physical signs, the inner knowing, all seem to come through one voice, the voice of my Soul, or the voice of Spirit. Now I recognize that I am probably receiving guidance and information from many spirit guides, angels, and ascended masters. But it all coalesces into me, weaves through me, and I recognize it as the Divine Intelligence of Love, of Life, speaking to me, as me, and also as something much greater than me.

Sometimes I am more deeply and clearly in resonance with the Divine than other times, as all things ebb and flow. But the more you call on, listen to, and believe in the guidance of your Soul/Higher self/God speaking to you, the more you create a bridge between who you are as a human being, and who you are as a Divine being who goes far beyond this world. The more you listen, feed, and bring awareness and attention to the soft voice of loving clarity within, the more you begin to feel God/your Soul as a Divine experience in your body, and the more your consciousness is transformed.

This is my path. This is how my consciousness, my being, is choosing to evolve. Of course, I have no idea where I’m going in Life. I have a general idea, and can feel a very beautiful, bright future ahead for myself and all of humanity. But truly my life is a mystery, as all our lives really are. My guidance unfolds through the moment. In beautiful and magical ways. Most of the time its subtle, but at times its explosive and bursting with so much rich beauty. Sometimes the voice of my soul feels far away and elusive, and there are times when I feel totally disconnected from it. These are times when I’m going through my own inner shadow, wounds, and traumas, and doing deep healing work. Other times it’s as though all the stars and circles are all aligned. By circles I mean the multiple subtle lens and layers of perception and awareness through which we view Life. Most of the time now, I am in alignment with my Soul and receiving its guidance to some degree or another.

I don’t know where I’m going in this life, but I know by following my guidance, the path unfolding before me is of my highest Destiny. My highest Destiny being the life path of superb magic, goodness, and deep healing, integration, and transformation. My highest Destiny is the path of Self Mastery. And because I have chosen this on a soul level, Life gives me every experience and relationship I need every day to become a Master of Self, and to become a true Master of Love.

Walking the path of one’s highest Destiny is walking the path that returns them home to God, to Source within. To the Kingdom of Heaven within that is made of a Divine Grace so incredibly soft and sweet; as it is made of the profoundly beautiful Peace, Love, and Innocence that is the heart of God/Goddess. The Kingdom of Heaven is not a place, but rather a state of being and consciousness. It is a state of being which embodies all the Divine qualities of God/Goddess that make up who we are as our Original Self.

I am not experiencing this Kingdom of Heaven stuff all the time. It comes and goes in waves. It etches deeper and deeper into my experience and being with every cycle. It is a slow and mysterious process. At times, the Light of my Soul will spontaneously reach deep into my being and create a profound experience of Divine understanding, or gnosis. Though incredible and magical at times, do not mistake, the path of one’s highest Destiny is not easy. It is quite painful and challenging sometimes. Many times, it is painful and challenging, as this path requires the devotee to learn how to hold human suffering and joy in equal measure. It requires the devotee to dive into the deepest, darkest, most painful spaces to illuminate these parts of one’s being with the Light of Love. This is what creates true healing and transformation on a molecular and DNA level.

Life, or my Higher Self, loves to throw curve balls at me. As it does with all of us. My intention with my guidance is to surrender into receiving, learning from, and being shaped by my Higher Self, so I may, over time, embody my Higher Self within every aspect of my being. I am given everything I need in order to do this, all within perfect time. This path is shaping me into something beyond my wildest dreams. And if you’re reading this, then likely you feel this call or are already following the call and life is shaping you into something beyond your wildest dreams as well. This is the path of my highest Destiny because I am ready to give all of myself in this lifetime to Divine Love, to the Love of the Most High.